Breastfeeding a Tween & More Boob News

breastfeeding tweensThis week in breastfeeding we have the good, the weird, and the even weirder.

An incredibly honest account of breastfeeding ambivalence immediately took me back to my own days of nursing my babies. Bravo to Jenny Feldon who just put herself out there for potentially nasty judgment. Let's hope everyone sees the value in sharing all kinds of bf stories, not just the shiny, happy ones. -- Parenting

For those of you trying to create the face-to-face bond of breastfeeding while bottle feeding, well, you just have to see this latest invention. I didn't say you had to buy it, because, come on. But take a look at the Nurse Me Tender for new moms and dads. -- Metro

And on the opposite end of the spectrum, this mum is still breastfeeding her tween daughters. She considers the young girls' abilities to verbalize how much they love it a benefit of nursing a kid over an infant. As opposed to considering, "Oh my god, what kind of crazy is happening here!?" -- YouTube


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