How Did You Choose Your Baby Wipes?

Baby WipesLet's see, does baby need fresh scent, fragrance free, aloe infused, green, thick, flushable, chlorine free, or sensitive skin? How about the ones in designer tubs? 

I'm talking baby wipes, one of the bare essentials of baby rearing. Diaper rash is still a problem for us. Rowan is limited to one or two brands I've found that I can use without having his poor bottom breaking out in a nasty rash. 

I've tried many brands. I've even circled back to a few I hoped would work. Meanwhile, new baby wipes keep appearing. For instance, bamboo wipes? Where did those come from? I'd like to try them or some new lavender or chamomile wipes but I'm afraid to subject that bum to any more discomfort. 

Here is what I like and didn't like about wipes I've tried but please, no more trial and error! I just want someone to tell me -- which baby wipes are the best?



Pros: I have good luck with the Pampers unscented and sensitive skin wipes; they seem to be gentle on the skin and soft to the the touch.  

Cons: They are thinner than some of the other brands. If I've got a mess to clean up, I usually wind up using more of them, which means I'm restocking more often.


Seventh Generation

Pros: The most eco-friendly of the bunch. They're chlorine free and non toxic. 

Cons: These wipes don't seem to hold as much moisture as other brands. Also, they're higher priced than most brands.



Pros: Luvs wipes (and diapers) are economically priced and comparable to most major brands. 

Cons: There are not as many kinds of options for babies with sensitive skin.



Pros: The most economical and green option out there.  

Cons: Maintenance can be hard to manage.


What kind of baby wipes do you use? Which ones do you avoid at all costs? Are the more expensive brands worth it? 


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