What Would You Tell Your Pre-Baby Self?

reflections of motherhoodI'm someone who thinks that not everyone should have children. I don't like to focus on the fact that it's the most amazing, life-changing, life-affirming thing you will ever do when faced with someone who says it's just not her thing. Because the flip side of this amazingness is a ton of drudgery. If you're not stoked to be a parent, taking on that 24/7 work load will not make you a happy mommy or daddy.

But when I see videos like "Reflections of Motherhood," I actually mourn for people who choose not to go on the journey. Then I feel incredibly sappy as I cry over my computer and wonder who is this person, and can I get my anti-establishment, goth-leaning, cynical self back? Of course I'm a mom now, and she's not really ever going to come back. Dammit.

Which is why it's so interesting that the question asked of these moms was: If you could go back to right before your first child was born, what would you tell yourself?


The montage, the music, the happy but permanently changed women holding up white pieces of poster board with bold black letters ... it got to me.

What'll it do to you?

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What would you tell yourself before your life changed forever?


Image via Reflections of Motherhood

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