Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys Baby Name: Does It Belong on This List?


Alicia Keys and Swizz BeatzAfter one of the most watched and anticipated pregnancies of the year, Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz welcomed their new baby boy into the world Thursday night in New York.

"I'm so thankful for everything I been blessed with in my life wowwwwww!" Beatz tweeted.

The new baby boy's name: Egypt Dauode Dean.

Egypt. Hmmm ... Egypt?

Jenny Lawson (aka The Bloggess) just wrote a column titled Lesson Three: Your Kids' Names Are Stupid. Stop Doing That.

Does this name belong on that list?

It's definitely not as bad as some on the list, but it also conjures up lots of jokes and puns about a river and denial and "he jipped you out something" .... or  perhaps more than anything, questions.

They haven't explained why they chose the name yet, and maybe there's a sentimental, meaningful reason that will make it endearing.

But for now it's just one of those names where you hear it, say it, then say it again with a question mark.

Name aside, what a lucky baby born to parents who have been enthusiastically awaiting and preparing for his arrival.

After their marriage this summer, Beatz gushed with excitement.

Whatever we're blessed with, that baby is being born to blessed parents, he told PEOPLE at the time. Alicia is definitely one of those great parents-to-be. She's super ready. Super glowing. Super happy.

Egypt is the first child for Keys while Beatz has three daughters from previous relationships.

What do you think of Egypt as a baby name? Does it belong on Jenny's list?


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poshkat poshkat

well its better than apple, or fufu trixibelle or whatever her name is. im happy they had their baby, now i can stop hearing about how "blessed" and "happy" and "honored" and all that other crap they kept saying for 9 months.

Maryann Flaz


Hat Mikku

Aww Alice baby is so cute, I saw the first Alice baby video on this link

bxbsm... bxbsmommy

Stupid? Let's just forget his middle eastern roots.

Natur... Nature_girl

I love the name.

I think it no different than naming your child, Dakota, Summer, or Autumn. All common names

.thic... .thickie.thick.

no way. and just because its on one list doesnt mean it its stupid to everyone.

and alicia is mixed w/ EVERYTHING , so i knew a name like this would come about. she has a lot of different herritages to add in there lol

Alexis Brown

wowww wat a cute baby

.Jess... .JessicaRabbit.

Anything is better than Pilot Inspektor.

Tiara Davenport

i like his name its better then the other stuff black plp name there kids

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