Should Mom Have Final Say on Baby Name?

NameWhen it comes to picking out baby names, who prevails -- mom or dad? According to a recent survey from the UK, mother knows best. In this one arena, when push comes to shove, we moms have the last word.

My poor husband has had kids with three different women (yeah, I know -- it’s complicated, the first one was when he was really young), and he said that each time, he had a strong feeling about a particular name. But after seeing what labor and delivery were like, he said, “Whoa. It’s all you.”


We didn’t disagree very strongly when choosing names for our children. It’s not like I really had my heart set on Pearl, while he had always dreamed of having a Paige. We have a similar sensibility. I mean, that’s kinda why we got married, right? I suggested a P name to honor his mom, which he agreed to, and then it was a matter of narrowing it down to Penelope. Then, spookily, my older stepson Max came up with Penelope on his own, without realizing it was on our short-list -- that kid has a real ESP streak, let me tell you.

Naming Abby came naturally. We’d had this goofy idea that if we had twins, they’d be Penny and Abe, because Abe’s on the penny, and one day, early in my pregnancy, Randy texted me to say, “Abby’s very close to Abe and her middle name could be Normal.” And then Max suggested Abby on his own. I know. I KNOW!

On the other hand, I have known guys who were sorta bossy about their kids’ names. My Italian ex, for instance, was a total Mussolini about his two boys’ names, but then, the first one was named after him. So I don’t know if that’s cultural, or if it was just him.

In other words, I haven’t made a scientific study of this. So I’ll just ask you: Who prevailed in your baby-name disagreements? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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