Baby Taken Over Poppy Seed Bagel: Was It Right?

A woman in Pennsylvania is suing after her newborn baby was taken by the Department of Youth Services after she failed a drug test.

She alleges that the "drugs" were actually just the remnants of the poppy seed bagel she'd had for lunch. Think she's lying? Maybe not.

It isn't the first time something like this has happened. Heroin is made from poppies and eating the seeds has been known to cause false positive drug results in the past.

Accoridng to WPXI:

Sara Rose of the ACLU said CYS may have violated the law. "One thing I think is a violation is the fact that Lawrence County CYS immediately got a court order without the parents present to remove a newborn baby based solely on the hospital's report of a positive drug test," said Rose.

The American Civil Liberties Union is representing the mom.


The child was returned to the mother, but can you imagine? You eat a bagel and lose your baby hours later?

Clearly this is a problem and although the hospital is legally allowed to test for drugs when they suspect a mother might be using and that creates an unsafe environment for the children, it's frightening to imagine that we could lose our children even for a few hours because we ate a bagel.

On the other hand, the hospital should be checking to make sure babies are headed home to safe environments. False positives are annoying and frustrating, but aren't they preferable to abused and neglected babies?

The ACLU should take the case, but the hospital should be able to test if they suspect. It may not seem fair and it may not seem right, but there are just too many "parents" who ought not have children at all. Sometimes it seems we need a license to do everything -- drive, hunt, have a dog -- but having children requires nothing but some sperm and an egg.

This is a terrible story, but so are the countless ones of child abuse and neglect that are all too easy to find.

What is the right answer? It's hard to say. But until that is clear, you may want to skip the poppy seed bagel.

Do you think hospitals should test for drug use?


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