And the Crawling Chaos Begins

Kavya crawling means chaos for mama -- and her Mac.
A long, long time ago, before I was a mama, I judged my sister-in-law and her husband for putting their newly mobile little one in what amounted to a huge cage in the middle of their living room. Now, I'm wishing my living room was big enough to house a huge cage.

Yes, it's official. Kavya is crawling. Let the chaos begin.


About two weeks ago, she started -- but she was sort of shoving herself backwards, in an amusing but not-very-efficient way. It was really cute how she'd be aiming for a particular spot, but end up putting herself in the corner. (Which was not where she wanted to go.)

So we laughed and took some video and went back to the daily grind, not thinking about how quickly our baby would progress to the next stage.

Then, earlier this week, she started using the pull-and-drag technique to propel herself forward. And yesterday, she managed to move on all fours, which marked the first forward-facing traditional crawl. Amazingly, Meena Masi managed to catch it on iChat. We thought it was awesome and entertaining and fun. And it was. For the first few hours.

It's only when your uber-curious kid officially starts crawling that you realize a) how much stuff you really have, b) how dangerous it can be to a baby, c) how small your apartment really is, and d) crawling frequently leads to bumps and bruises, for baby and for mama. (Keeping her on our big ol' bed helps prevent some of these, but that brings along with it its own worries.)

So what I'm saying, essentially, is eeeps! I've been chasing after Kavi all day, and boy, is she ever inquisitive. She's all into everything and has managed to get herself from one end of the living room to the other in under a minute. Our living room is really small, so that's not saying a whole lot, but I'm sure that means she'll be in the kitchen by next week.

And we have yet to lock the cabinets. I know I've posted here about baby-proofing before. But I guess now is really the time to get a move on. Because Kavi sure has.

Was your kid a crawler? Did it wreak havoc on your life?


Image via Navdeep Singh Dhillon

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