Did 'Teen Mom' Farrah Have a Boob Job?

MTV Teen Mom Farrah Abraham may or may not have given her rack a little boost recently. The 18-year-old mother of one is rumored to have had a breast augmentation in September.

If true and the aspiring model took her A-cups and turned them into C-cups, she could be well on her way toward the career she was hoping for. Of course, there are other reasons, too.

As a single mom, Farrah has been the only one of the four teen moms who has talked about her post baby body concerns, a fact she revealed during a date last season when she pressed the boy she was seeing to tell her whether she looked like "a mom" or not.

It is a legitimate concern. Married moms know someone has to find them attractive, but single moms don't have that luxury.


Take a look at Kate Gosselin, whose tight post-baby body is on the cover of People. She works incredibly hard at keeping her body in shape, but it was not something she seemed to care so much about until she was a single mom.

And it is not just about catching a man, either.

Comments on Ms. Single Mama's blog about body image suggest their is something else at work, too:

It took me over 4 years after leaving my ex before I considered dating. My post-baby body outlook was far too entwined with my poor self esteem at the time. After lots of soal searching, lots of self healing and a better outlook for my future I began to like what I saw, one commenter says.

A man says:

(My second wife, a former single mom) has stretch marks. She has extra skin. She is imperfect… much like all of us. And you know what? I love her more than I *ever* loved my ex-wife. She is incredibly sexy, flaws and all. I wouldn’t want her any other way. We’ve been together for 4 years and married for one of those 4 and I love her more now than ever. Anyone that’s too wrapped up in what you look like and not who you are isn’t someone you ultimately want to be with anyway.

Another mom says:

First guy I was with post-baby got a look at my c-section scar (the whole 5 inches of it), and replied “Wow, science fiction eh?”. Needless to say I never went out with him after that.

It looks like single moms, like all women in general, are concerned to varying degrees. Poor Farrah may, at 18, just be a product of the world of modelling and general young girlhood where looks are the primary concern.

She did not need a boob job, but if it makes her feel better, then more power to her.

Do you think single moms are more concerned with looks?



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