Baby Born in Hotel Lobby Gets Awesome Perk

hotel lobbyA baby born in the lobby of a hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, will never have trouble finding a room at the inn.

After his mother went into labor and was unable to make it past the hotel lobby before giving birth, the Grand Midwest Hotel granted the baby free stays for life and plans to name a room after him.

"I have six children, and this baby also feels like he is part of my family," the hotel's owner, Mohammad Arshad Shah, told the UPI.

What a great gift for this new boy to receive after what was certainly an unexpected, anxiety-inducing entrance into the world.

And what a gracious hotel owner. One can only wonder how many other businesses would do something similar if a baby was born on their property.

Here are a few I wouldn't mind giving birth in if they did:


Coffee Shop Free lattes for life. Of course, it would be awhile before the baby could enjoy those, but surely the mother could act as a proxy until a coffee-appropriate age was reached.

Department Store Free clothes and shoes for life could certainly help pad a college savings fund.

Sporting Venue Imagine giving birth at a game being played by your favorite team. It wouldn't be the most serene of birth experiences, but free tickets (box seats, perhaps) for life might make you get over that pretty quickly.

Car Dealership If you're pretty pregnant and car shopping,  you might want to stick to the high-end dealers while browsing, just in case. While any free car would be nice, if you just so happened to give birth at a BMW dealership, it wouldn't be so bad, right?

Grocery Store Feeding every mom's fantasy, your child might not appreciate this perk until he's older. But given the price of groceries lately, I might try to plan my delivery at my local market just on the chance this would work.

Where would you give birth if you were rewarded with free stuff for life?


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