Mom Who Tossed Baby Out Window Doesn't Deserve Him

An 18-year-old Boston mother who tossed her newborn baby boy out the window may be deported back to El Salvador. Either way, she and her mother want the injured infant back.

The baby fell 18 stories 17 feet where he landed face first on the pavement and the only reason he lived was that someone heard his weak cries.

This woman doesn't deserve to have the baby she visited in the hospital hours later and named "Angel."

Seriously? She threw him away, but then named him as though he meant something to her. The baby was thrown out the window just a half a block from a fire station where the mother could have abandoned him under Massachusetts' "Baby Safe Haven Law" with no questions asked.

And yet she chose to ostensibly kill him.


Am I the only one who thinks this is insane?

She may have had her reasons, but this woman is clearly not ready to own a houseplant let alone get this poor baby back who may be injured for life.

How would she ever explain it to him? "Sorry honey, I changed my mind when you were halfway down." No way. If he recovers, I hope he will be allowed to stay in the US with a family who will love him the way he actually deserves.

I know that the goal is almost always to keep biological families intact, but sometimes it just seems like it makes more sense to end that option. If this woman had her way, this poor baby she named "Angel" would be dead, so why should she get to parent him?

I hope this little boy makes a full recovery and has a happy life far away from the "mother" who threw him out the window rather than walking down the street and leaving him somewhere safe.

Do you think she should have a chance to parent?


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