'Teen Mom' Recap: Explosive Finale Brings Tears & Anger

MTV's Teen Mom
On Teen Mom, Catelynn and Tyler got to bond with the baby they gave up for adoption, Carly.

I bawled through the entire Teen Mom finale last night. Yesterday, after more than a year, we witnessed teen parents Catelynn and Tyler visiting with the daughter they gave up for adoption. And it was touching, as bittersweet and as excruciatingly beautiful as one might expect. And naturally, the tears started flowing before the show even began.


I bawled in anticipation. I bawled as Catelynn and Tyler put the finishing touches on the baby book they made. I bawled as Tyler and Catelynn drove from Michigan to West Virginia, talking about all that has happened in the year since they gave their child up. How they now have dreams and goals and want to make her proud. They talked about what it would be like to finally hold her -- did they have that right? But I especially bawled when they finally got to meet the little girl that looks so startlingly like them, all big blue eyes and soft blonde curls. What a gift they gave adoptive parents Brandon and Teresa -- and what a gift those adoptive parents gave little Carly. The moment when she and her birth mom Catelynn sat at that picnic table making funny faces at each other while the conversation continued around them, that moment was both priceless and heartbreaking. One of the realest moments I've seen on television perhaps ever.

But perhaps the most important moment in this journey was the one that came after it ended. The one where Tyler and Catelynn realize, now more than ever, that they made the right decision. For that little girl. And for themselves. They've got such a bright future ahead of them, despite where they've been and where they come from. And I'm sure they'll make Carly proud.

Of course, that's not the only thing that happened on Teen Mom last night. Amber's skeevy new boyfriend, Chris, finally met baby Leah, who didn't seem to like him much. Then he moved right on in. Lovely. Amber and Gary nearly came to blows again while trying to figure out living arrangements for baby Leah. Gary was livid that creepy Chris had moved in -- and was involved in taking care of Leah, changing diapers and all that. I'm with him on that one. Chris is a virtual stranger, and Leah didn't seem to particularly like him either. But when the conversation got heated, Amber veered on violence while verbally abusing her baby's father once again. And this time, it was baby Leah who said, quite sternly, really, "Quiet. Now." In the end, they seemed to be headed in the direction of making it work, separately but together, for Leah.

Farrah and her mom butted heads again as Farrah moved into her parents' rental home. She asked for her privacy, like any other tenant, but was upset that her mom would charge her early move-in fees -- like any other tenant. But they figured it out. And in the meantime, Farrah's mom set her up on a date with Julian -- maybe it's the fact that he's a hairstylist, but my gaydar totally went off. Farrah had a good time, but worried that he'd lose interest once he found out she had a daughter. But he seemed interested in meeting baby Sophia. Maybe they won't be soul mates, but at least Farrah's putting herself out there again -- and in a much more mature way this time. Because she knows Sophia needs to be her priority.

Maci and Ryan renegotiated the terms of their custody of baby Bentley in mediation. And as much as she hated to do it, Maci had to give Ryan an extra day with their son. In a two-week period, she now gets nine days, he gets five. And it must have been painful to lose that time with her baby, but she said she knows that Bentley needs to see Ryan as much as possible. Even if he can be an idiot sometimes. Maybe they'll end up back together, as Maci said as they parted ways. They're both single again. But Maci's staying in Nashville though, despite the split with Kyle, because she feels like she needs her independence. She feels like she needs room to grow up. Good for her. And I hope, good for Bentley.

Teen Mom had so many poignant moments -- from Catelynn and Tyler's reunion with Carly, to Farrah's dealing with the loss of her baby's father, to Maci's moving out and on. What was your favorite mama drama this season?

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