Will Chilean Miners Have a Mini Baby Boom in 9 Months?

Snow BabyI was amused to see that a New Jersey town’s recent mini-baby boom could be traced back to a massive snowstorm some 40 weeks ago. People were trapped at home for days on end with nothing to entertain them but the Internet, cable TV, and their telephones -- what else were they to do but get busy? And who’s going out in the snow for a condom? Gives me faith in humanity, it does. Just like the rescue of the Chilean miners. Perhaps we can expect some births in 9 months from that group.
Snowstorms and intense situations aren’t the only oops-a-daisy reason for upticks in births. I sometimes like to refer to Abby as our Recession Baby, since she was conceived during the sudden full days both my husband and I spent at home after we were both laid off.
Get it? Laid off?
It got me wondering what other reasons there might be for mini-baby-booms.


I can’t confirm these (Snopes seems to think it’s a bunch of hogwash, those buzzkills), but a trip around the Internet shows these events as setting off elevated birth rates:

  • The Millennium: Apparently a lot of people wanted to have a Year 2000 baby, and pushed for birthing in the early months of the new century.
  • The Year of the Golden Pig: Young couples were scrambling to make sure their kids were born during this auspicious year in the Chinese lunar calendar (in 2008).
  • Stimulus Packages (no, seriously): In response to shrinking birth rates, countries like Italy and Russia have seen their populations rise as they offered prize money for new babies.
  • Availability of IVF: As provinces in Canada consider covering more and more IVF treatments, they wonder about a corresponding increase in mini-Canucks, eh?
  • Chinook Salmon: A copious supply of food led to seven new babies born ... to a pod of Orcas in Puget Sound. Come on, that counts!

And it sure would be nice to meet 33 new babies born out of the intense ordeal the miners went through. One was already born while the miner was trapped -- and once they all regain their strength and mojo, perhaps we'll all have even more reason to celebrate.

Did you have a baby as a result of a larger, unforeseen event? Tell us about it in the comments!

Image via MrsMommy2007/CafeMom

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