Warning Signs of Day Care Danger?

Kavi's been in day care for about two months now, and she seems to be thriving. She loves her teachers, the playtime, and eating, for sure. But there's been some instability at the school recently that has me wondering if it might be time to switch.

When we signed up, Kavi was in a small class of five kids all under 18 months old. Given that she was 6 months old and not even crawling yet, this had me a bit worried because the older kids were very mobile and sometimes rambunctious.


I know they wouldn't hurt her on purpose, but I'm sure most of them don't realize how much smaller she was than them. Still, the teacher and her helper kept a careful eye on the kids, and they had lots of stimulating playtime through which they were learning. And Kavi was picking up things fast -- clapping, waving, crawling backwards. She was doing great.

But recently, some of the older kids have graduated to the tiny tots class, and some of the smaller babies have dropped out. Which leaves Kavi in an awkward situation. Every morning, I've been dropping her off with the tiny tots. Her teachers are still generally around -- and she LOVES them -- so that's made me feel secure in that she's got someone focused specifically on her.

Last week, though, she came home with her first incident report -- and a red scratch marring her left cheek. Apparently one of the tiny tot boys was a bit aggressive while they were playing. That was the first red flag.

Then, this morning, when I went to drop her off, a) there was no sign-in sheet for the little ones, which, given the school rules, I would say is a bad sign. And b) I couldn't find Kavi's teacher or her favorite helper, Miss Sarah. So I had to leave her with some of the tiny tots instructors, whom she sort of recognizes, but does not really feel 100 percent comfortable with.

Naturally, this whole scenario leaves me feeling pretty uncomfortable. I know kids are resilient, but day care is a touchy thing for me at best. And I'm not happy leaving Kavi with people she's not smitten with. I guess we'll see how it goes the next few days, and whether today's scenario replays itself. And we'll have a talk with the school administrators. But if this is the way things are going to continue at the school, then I guess we'll have to explore other options. Though really, I'd hate to take her out of a place she's familiar with, a place she likes, and start from scratch.

Did you run into issues with your child's day care center? How did you decide what to do?

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