What Really Belongs in Your Diaper Bag?

diaper bagThe overstuffed diaper bag. Bulging at the seams on many shoulders of new moms. But it's called a diaper bag for a reason ... you put diapers in it. It’s not rocket science. Although we also stuff a lot more in there, too.
Then I looked at the overstuffed mess that is my diaper bag and realized ... I needed help. What should be in a diaper bag?


U.S. News & World Report shared what really belongs in your diaper bag. I'm test-driving it to see if it's really sound advice ....

The list says that all you need is:

  • Diapers and wipes: I don’t even bring butt cream.
  • An extra change of clothing: I learned the hard way, folks. Don’t be seen rushing home with a toddler wearing nothing but a diaper and a sad face.
  • Baby food: Well, that’s in my boobs right now, but yeah. And snacks for the big one. And a sippy cup. Do not forget the sippy cup.
  • An infant carrier.

I would add:

  • A distraction. Crayons in a little handy thingy and a notebook. Not that I ever remember to bring it, but ...

 And here’s what I just found in my diaper bag:

  • One Penelope diaper
  • No Abby diapers
  • No wipes
  • An empty baggie that used to hold wipes
  • A sippy cup
  • Another kind of sippy cup that the toddler sometimes likes better
  • One pink light-up shoe
  • A pair of fuzzy booties
  • One snack bar, unmushed
  • One snack bar, mushed
  • One snack bar wrapper
  • A pad to change the baby on
  • A pair of jammies that are actually now too small for the baby
  • The onesie I’ve been looking for!
  • An outfit for the toddler
  • Hey! The hand sanitizer IS in here!
  • About 20 of those gross, rock-like organic O’s from Trader Joe’s
  • Things that might have been raisins
  • A pink Zutano hat
  • An envelope containing -- OH JEEZ the papers I was supposed to get copied so I could get paid for an article I wrote like 6 months ago
  • Aquaphor
  • The Radio Shack receipt
  • My wallet
  • My keys
  • Kleenex, both fresh and wadded-up
  • The business card with Abby’s next two doctor appointments written on them.

Man. My friends with middle-schoolers do a “backpack check” every week. I think I need to institute the same policy. But when?!
What’s in your diaper bag?

Image via Ja-nelle/Flickr

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