Your Baby May Already Have the Swine Flu (Shot)

swine flu vaccineWorried about giving your baby the swine flu vaccination? You may already be too late.

This year everyone is getting the two-in-one dose in the flu shot, so when you head to the doc for your seasonal flu shot, you're getting the H1N1 as well. You have to get both when you head in; the seasonal and swine are not available separately.

But last year, even people who vaccinated for the seasonal flu shot refused to get the swine flu vaccine. The oft-repeated argument against vaccinating for the H1N1 virus, around my moms' group anyway, was that the vaccine was "untested." Additionally, reports were coming out that the swine flu vaccine was making kids sick. Moms were scared.

So, is one year later enough of a test?


My daughter, who had just turned 3, and my son, who was a newborn, both had the swine flu in that first round in early 2009. It was scary, and even though they probably won't get it again, I'm not taking any chances. They both already got their flu shot, as did my husband, and I will too as soon as I make it into the doctor's office.

The H1N1 virus has killed almost 3,000 people, making it nothing to sneeze at.

Are you getting the combo flu shot for your baby?


Image via Artnow314/Flickr


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