Convenience C-Sections a Myth & More Baby News

newbornThe all childbirth edition of links I love!

Stop blaming c-section moms for taking the "easy way out." A new study says the stereotype about women being too posh to push is inaccurate. The rate is rising, but not because of women scheduling c-sections around their social calendar. Medically necessary c-sections are the norm, and the hospital and doc decide what's medically necessary. -- Salon

After giving birth to a two-pound baby at 29 weeks, and suffering from preeclampsia, Jessica Valenti has a "new normal." Her terrifying near-death experiences for herself and her baby remind us how lucky we are to have a "normal" pregnancy and birth. Whatever that means. -- Strollerderby

I've never loved the term "older moms." I realize it's a simple word used to describe an age group, but it drips with pity. But those older moms don't care -- because more and more report being happy about waiting to have babies, with zero regret. So there. -- MomLogic


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