Monkey Steals & Kills 4-Day-Old Baby Girl

In the Malaysian state of Negeri Sembilan, a family is grieving the loss of their 4-day-old daughter. Parents so often fear the mysterious kidnapping of their child, snatched from their crib.

Well, that's exactly what happened in this sad but bizarre story. The weirdest part of this tragedy is who stole the baby. 

It was a monkey.


A macaque monkey, to be specific. Very common and most often used in animal testing.

Apparently the family lives in an area where these monkeys are often seen in the trees, and they have a pet female macaque monkey in their home as well.

Though the reasons for the monkey's behavior are unknown and vary between "he thought it was a monkey baby" to "he was attracted to the female in the house" or even that he considered the infant to be food, a male macaque monkey took the baby girl out of her bed while the mother was in the bathroom and the grandfather was getting a drink.

The monkey proceeded to carry the baby to the roof of the house. The mother and grandfather noticed her missing, started screaming as they frantically searched for the baby, and found her body outside on the ground ... where the monkey had dropped her from the roof.

The monkey they think was the one who stole the baby was shot and killed, which has some animal rights advocates incensed.

This incredibly sad and strange story is being used as an example for not pushing human living quarters into wildlife habitats, that the community is at fault for feeding the wild animals, and even as a reason not to keep wild animals as pets. I'm really not a fan of trying to peg a "lesson" onto a tragedy, regardless, especially not one that is still fresh.

My condolences go out to the family of the baby. May they find peace after their loss.

Do you think anyone was to blame, or this was just a terrible tragedy?


Image via Christopher Chan/Flickr

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