Nurse Someone Else's Baby? & More Hot Topics

cross nursingThe hottest posts in baby this week range from freaking out, to freaking cute. Here are the top three of the week:

  • Sasha asked if you would let another mom nurse your baby, and return the favor. She's "ooked out" by the idea (which is a phrase I'm stealing), but some of you are way on board with cross-nursing.
  • Julie separated the two issues of a SIDS death and irresponsible parenting, as a couple who was partying was charged with child endangerment and reckless endangerment when their baby died of SIDS. You all had mixed reactions to this one, but most agreed the parents should be under some kind of scrutiny.
  • Sona's picked out Kavya's first Halloween costume! It's the exact same one my son wore for his first Halloween too! You all loved talking about your baby's very first foray into the dress-up holiday too. Lots of adorableness happening here.


Image via blmurch/Flickr

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