Inside California Baby: How Green Are They?

California Baby green products
Dennis, The Scientist
If you're even the slightest bit concerned about chemicals in your baby's lotions, soaps, sunscreens, and anything else that goes on his unblemished skin, you've heard of California Baby.

The natural, chemical-free baby products have been a staple in my bathtub since my daughter was born and I was able to grab some shampoo/baby body wash at my local Target.

If you're in the Los Angeles area this weekend, California Baby is throwing a huge shindig and inviting everyone in to see what's new and exciting at HQ. Sadly, I will not be in town, but Jessica Iclisoy, the founder of California Baby, allowed me in for a sneak peek at their small, efficient, 100% solar-powered facility.

Here's what I learned about the eco-minded company that wants to clean your baby. Yes, yours.


From the cork flooring to the UV film on the windows to reduce the heat, the California Baby showroom is all eco, all the time. Available for get-togethers of all things kiddo, Iclisoy points out the kid-friendly items scattered about ready to be played with, such as Green Toys.

But the real fun happens in the EPA standard surpassing factory, where I meet a real-life scientist (in bouffant and beard cap -- naturally) who is constantly batch testing, while working on new and exciting products for California Baby. Yep, that was fun.

Iclisoy chose to go for pharmaceutical grade standards in her factory rather than cosmetic grade -- a much higher bar -- because she didn't want to do it the way everyone else does: "I created California Baby with a mind for the future." Creating a strong company while remaining ethical is what Iclisoy and California Baby are all about.

The small, friendly staff stationed among stainless steel vats and tubes felt more like a family-run company than a wildly successful baby (and soon mom-to-be) product line. A feeling which will only be reinforced by California Baby's Family Fun Fest.

"The chicken lady will be here!" Iclisoy announces. Yes, a lady who teaches urbanites how to have their own chickens will be on hand to tout the benefits of fresh eggs, as well as the Garden School Foundation and many more do-gooder organizations. Iclisoy is so serious about creating an eco-conscious community, the California Baby HQ will soon be acting as a CSA pick-up site.

Did I mention how bummed I am that I'm missing this event?

It's rare that someone has the opportunity to peek inside the factory where products you use in your home are made. Seeing all of the precautions and efforts that go so far above and beyond what larger corporations do made me happy to lather up my 18-month-old tonight.

Do you use all natural products on your babies?


Image via California Baby

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