Halloween Is for Babies ... and Ducks and Monkeys

baby duck costumeHalloween, to me, is the day I dress up as something dead or sexy or dead and sexy. But this year, I'm a mom so I'm going to clean it up a bit. That and I want us to match and my daughter is still too young for fishnets and a fake slashed throat. 

I've been thinking about what we'll all be for months now. And then I received two costumes from Carter's. A duck and a monkey. Which will make me a farmer (shut up, cool farms have monkeys). And we had a photo shoot.

Penelope got into her costume first. But then Hunter got upset that we were having all the fun without him.


sad boy in crib

So Penelope said ... Why can't brother dress up, too?

And like that! He was a monkey. A happy little monkey.

baby monkey costume

But then the ducky attacked. Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! she squawked!

The ducky thought she was very funny, but we shooed her away.

And the monkey plotted his next move.

Retaliation. It was the only thing to do. Take that, little quacker! the little monkey man said.

The monkey squealed; the ducky squawked. And then together they said, Trick or treat?

The end.

Are you ready for Halloween?

Yellow Baby Ducky 2-piece Costume $17 from Carter's

Brown Little Monkey 2-piece Costume $20 from Carter's

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