Katherine Heigl Has an Important Lesson for All Moms

Katherine Heigl Redbook coverKatherine Heigl is on the cover of the November issue of Redbook. In the article, she opens up about adopting her baby daughter Naleigh and her plans to have another as well as her ideas about the "balance" of career and motherhood.

On balancing career and motherhood: "Most of Life as We Know It is a complete blur. I had just become a mom. I still don't necessarily always know what I am doing, and I certainly didn't then ... I was all over the place. I was really trying too hard. I was completely bonkers. If I spread myself too thin, I'm not a good actor, I'm not a good mother, and I'm just really high-strung and everybody hates me," she tells Redbook.

Good life lesson for any mom.

Is work/life balance even possible?


Some say yes, some say no, but if a famous and well-paid actress like Heigl is saying that she feels the burn, it doesn't bode well for the rest of us regular moms just trying to get by.

We only have so much energy. If we expend all the good stuff on the job, then we have less to give to the children and vice versa. Most days most moms feel like something or someone is being neglected.

The answer seems to exist somewhere in middle. Some days work wins, some days home wins, and most days we're all exhausted. Heigl is lucky to be in a position where she can make choices about her work and hire help when she needs it, but all moms feel the strain to a certain extent. Between work, personal desires, dinner, homework time, field trips, and sick days, it can feel like we never get down-time.

It's ever-evolving and shifting. Is finding the balance easy? No. Is it possible? Not always. But you have to be willing to trim and cut and change things up in the quest to find it. In a job that's sucking your soul and all your free time? Leave it. Unable to find the time to get your work done because your kids always need you? Rework the budget and find extra help.

There are no easy answers and it might never look the way we expect it to when we first have children, but we can find something in between feeling like a complete failure and neglecting something big.

How do you find balance?


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