Jessica Alba's Boobs & More Baby News

jessica alba boobsMy fave baby links are about sleep and celebrities, because, really, what else matters in the world?

  • Not much makes me happier than to hear a beautiful celebrity lament her post-baby body and admit to cellulite and saggy breastfeeding boobs. Jessica Alba, moms everywhere salute you. -- The Huffington Post
  • Mayim Bialik, not so much. I love me a holistic mama, and I lean that way myself. But Mayim potty trained her babies by age 1! She agrees with Gisele! I may have to stop digging Blossom now that she's even writing a parenting book. Luckily, Bialik has wisdom that saves the star from sanctimommy territory, making her aspirational instead of I-want-to-kick-your-smug-ass-pirational. -- Shine
  • You might think you're going to die from lack of sleep in the first months of having a newborn at home. The good news -- you probably won't. The bad news? Read the newborn sleep guide at the NYT to get the good and the bad on babies and sleep. -- New York Times


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