'Teen Mom' Recap: Amber Has a New Love

MTV's Teen Mom
Just the two of them: Teen Mom's Maci and Bentley are on their own again.

Before I get into the hot mess Maci faced on Teen Mom this week -- because, yes, she and new beau Kyle, for whom she moved baby Bentley to Nashville, split -- can I just say that when I saw the sneak peek for next week's season finale, my heart leaped. 

Why? Because next week, we finally get to see that reunion we've all been waiting for. The reunion between teen parents Catelynn and Tyler and the little girl they gave up for adoption more than a year ago. And I can't wait.


Over the course of two seasons, we've seen these two teens struggle with the ups and downs that came with their decision to give their baby up for adoption. Not once have they wavered in knowing that they made the right choice for their child -- and now, as they prepare to be first in their families to go to college, they're realizing this was also the best decision they could have made for themselves, too. But that didn't make the last year or the great loss they suffered any easier. Especially because they got shit from their parents for making that decision constantly and consistently -- even this week as they prepare for their visit. They're staying strong, even though their sacrifice hit them hard as they put together little Carly's baby book. I hope that it goes well for them next week.

Speaking of reunions, Farrah took baby Sophia to visit with her father's sister, Kassy, again and dealt with the emotional aftermath of the loss. She even tried to explain it to her not-so-nutty-at-the-moment mom Debra, who still holds a grudge against the dead man, apparently. But Debra's trying to understand, too, for Sophia's sake -- and for Farrah's.

MTV's Teen Mom
Poor Leah misses her daddy.
Gary, meanwhile, is still apologizing to Amber -- when really, it should so totally be the other way around. But Amber has moved on. In fact, she had a new boyfriend. A guy who gets out of his jail cell to work, apparently. That's right, he's a prisoner because he "did something bad." Yup, she sure knows how to pick them. And then there's poor baby Leah, still mourning the loss of her family in her own baby way, crying as she watches her dad walk out that door again and again. It's heartbreaking. But knowing Amber's violent ways, I hope Gary sticks to his decision to pursue custody instead of repeatedly groveling at Amber's platform-heeled and pedicured feet.

Then there's Maci. Like I mentioned above, I hate to say I told you so. After all, the decision Maci made to move her little boy away from his father and family and the world he knows so that she could be closer to her boyfriend of two months, Kyle, is not that unusual. Many women do stupid things for love. Sometimes it works out. But like many predicted -- I among them -- it was too much too soon for Kyle. He liked the fantasy of the ready-made family, but he couldn't handle the reality.

And the signs were there. After all, when Maci suggested moving to be closer to him, he didn't ask her to move in with him, right? He maintained his space, his distance, as much as Maci attempted to close the gap. Now, Maci's left alone to pick up the pieces, without a support system in place in Nashville for herself and Bentley. But she says she's going to make it work, that she needs the challenge to grow. And she seems like she's generally got her head on straight -- the situation with Kyle exempted -- so maybe this will end up being a good thing. Except that in the long run, it will put strain on Bentley to be far away from his loved ones, and shuttled from one place to another, right? Guess only time will tell. And if the sneak peek is right, we may see a reunion between Maci and Ryan, too.

Now that they've split, do you think Maci made the wrong choice in moving? Do you think she should move back to Chattanooga and get back together with baby daddy Ryan?

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