Deciding on Baby's First Halloween Costume

This one looks cute.
For the past few weeks, nay, months, we've been on the hunt for what will officially become Kavya's first Halloween costume.

And when I say we, I mean that this is a very, very communal experience. My whole family is involved.


Kavya's the first grandchild and the first official niece/nephew, et al, so that means that all these special occasions are that much more special. And that means that everyone wants a say, of sorts, in what goes down. It's part of what makes it so fun -- and so special. (We're also still taking bets on when that first tooth will come in -- no winners yet!)

Halloween, of course, is no exception. My sister, Kavya's Meena Masi, has been plotting for months the little adorable outfit Kavi will wear on the big day. In fact, I'd even venture to say that she started plotting it out about last October, when I was still pregnant and we found out Kavi was going to be a girl.

Luckily, we've all agreed that a little lion suit is the ideal first costume for Kavi. She's got such a fierce, uproarious personality, anything else would just seem off. The way she attacks life and roars and charges at her favorite people, Meena Masi included, it just makes sense. Now that we've found the perfect little lion suit, we've just got to resist parading her around in it before Halloween. Maybe we'll get a few other adorable costumes -- a little bear, a little cat -- for her to hang out in, too.

Honestly, though, on Halloween, we got off easy. The holidays are coming up, and with them our second big Kavi-trip to California. December is the only time both my husband and I will have off, so we'll be spending it with his family. But I'm sure, although they might not say anything about it, missing Kavi's first Christmas, as non-traditional as the holiday may be for us, will pinch my parents a bit. I'm sure we can do it before we go or when we get back, though, because in the end, we have to remember that it's about family time and celebration, really, rather than dates on a calendar.

What was your little one's first Halloween costume?

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