Breastfeeding Mom Denied Right by Employer, Let's Get Ready to Boycott

breastfeeding mom denied right at workWomen in America really get crapped on once they decide to have babies. If you're lucky enough to even get paid maternity leave (a huge number of women aren't), it's over anywhere between six weeks and three months. Gee, thanks for the time for my vagina and/or c-section scar to heal! Because that's about the only thing that can happen in that short amount of time.

Building up a milk supply and learning to nurse your baby is another, but without support and a place to pump -- you can kiss breastfeeding goodbye when you walk back into the office. Which is what Angela Ames was faced with when she was forced to return to work four weeks after having her baby. Which was one week earlier than her employer originally told her she could have, and if she didn't agree to come back early, she would be out of a job.

But the anti-mother policies didn't stop there.


Instead of providing a place for Ames to pump, Nationwide Advantage Mortgage made her fill out paperwork, which would then take up to three days to be processed. Even then there was no guarantee that a room would be made available to her. Three days without a place to pump and provide food for Ames' premature baby with health issues.

Naturally Ames tried to make this work, but faced even more workplace discrimination.

Ames went to her supervisor where she learned that in addition to the lactation issue, she had just two weeks to catch up on her backlog of work, or she would start receiving write-ups. The supervisor also stressed the need for Ames to begin working overtime immediately, which she agreed to do.

It didn't take long for Ames to realize that the health of her child had to come first. Even though her husband had recently been laid off, even though she knew she was in the right and Nationwide was breaking their own corporate rules. Her employers treated her as if she had purposefully done something wrong and needed to be punished for her behavior.

Let's punish Nationwide Advantage Mortgage for creating an inhospitable workplace for women, and forcing a new mother to return to her job early, while cutting off her food supply to her newborn. Write, call, or take your business elsewhere, and be sure and drop Nationwide a line letting them know who will be getting your new business in this tight economy, and why.

Will you boycott Nationwide Advantage Mortgage?


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