Baby Gear Rage: Do You Have It?

difficult baby gearWhile most baby gear companies swear "easy assembly," I've yet to find a father- or mother-to-be who didn't get all of the cursing out of his or her system while assembling the nursery.

Clearly the family in this photo my husband just snapped decided getting the sides of the pack 'n' play to fold up easily, and then become stable again upon re-assembly, was not worth the effort. I've been there Ford Explorer family -- I've been there.

You know what other baby gear is ridiculously complicated? Let me tell you.



So I look at the photo of how compact my stroller is supposed to be when folded. Yet I find myself at about 80% every single time. Which means I'm going to have to get into the trunk of my car to make it fit and require a large stranger wandering by to help me remove it when I reach my destination.


There are a few slings that not only required instructions and a DVD, but a class before I could even get them around me. Another that goes on easily still requires another human being (not my baby) be present to finish the latching so my baby doesn't fall onto the floor. Which really negates the benefit of baby-wearing.


Our crib was so difficult to assemble we vowed to never take it apart again; if we moved cross-country, we'd pay our movers extra. Which we did. Tragically, so many cribs even when assembled properly are still causing accidents. How about some carved out of one piece of wood cribs? I'm voting for that.

Car Seats

Fool me once infant car seat, shame on me. Fool me twice -- that's when I call an expert and never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever attempt car seat installation on my own again. Ever.

Do you have this much trouble with your baby gear?

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