Spanish Men Get Breastfeeding Breaks

dad and newbornSpain has just ruled that working fathers have the right to take breastfeeding breaks. Because, you know, in Spain, men make breast milk and can nurse. If this were true, I would have had myself a Spanish baby daddy because I really could have used another set of milk-filled breasts during the first 6 weeks of nursing my twins. If my husband lactated, too, we'd have enough extra milk to put in our coffee.

So while Spanish men don't lactate, they do get the same courtesy breaks of a woman who does and must take time away from work to nurse.

Kind of makes me think how annoyed I used to get when I was young and angst-y and felt the non-smokers of the company I worked at deserved 10-minute breaks for oh say eating a cupcake or working on 8-minute-abs or whatever a non-smoker would feel like doing during the three or four or eight breaks a smoker takes during an 8-hour work day.


The ruling says that fathers in Spain get to leave work up to twice a day for a total of an hour or to shorten their workday by 30 minutes for the first nine months of the baby's life -- the same rights granted to moms.

How awesome is Spain?

Sometimes I am the crusader of fairness and try to fight the good fight for the little issues. Because it's the little issues that get overlooked just like the kid on the playground that was never picked. Or maybe this is me just uncovering some deep, dark unresolved issues. And often my red cape just gets dirty and ripped and doesn't allow me to really take flight. Or in the smoker/non-smoker break battle, not win. Actually, it was sort of defeated on its own since not as many people smoke now as they did back then when this was my chosen crusade. That and I stopped caring.

But in this case, the dads in Spain revolted, wanted the same break time mom was allowed, and they won. Legally.

My only question is ... what are the dads doing during those breaks?

Image via Karen Sheets/Flickr

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