Lifesaving Onesie: Would You Wire Your Baby?

heart monitor onesieIf you think video baby monitors are only for overprotective parents, you may shake your head at the latest tech gadget designed to monitor your baby and protect him from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Exmovere Holdings created a washable onesie that comes with a Zigbee pouch where a baby-safe wireless transceiver lets you know -- remotely -- how your baby is feeling, your baby's activity level, and monitors your baby's heartbeat. It can either be synced to your cell phone or a PC, letting parents and caregivers know the status of the baby while asleep or throughout the day.

This is one of those things I would totally have bought as a first-time parent, but as I relax into the second baby universe -- there's no way I'd spend money on a wireless onesie.


However, for parents who have been told to be on the lookout for SIDS (I had a friend who had a baby test positive for the gene), this would be a major stress reliever, and I would highly recommend doing something -- anything -- to obtain the peace of mind.

The company also recommends the onesie for daycare centers who may have their hands full. I can see why this may be appealing, but if your day care center doesn't have the manpower to personally monitor your baby's heartbeat and activity, then you should probably find another day care.

There's no substitute for an alert parent or caregiver, but how much is your peace of mind worth?

Would you buy this onesie, and how much would you pay for it?


Image via tiarescott/Flickr

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