Fisher Price Recall: Mattel Responds With More Details

fisher price trike recall
A few of the trikes in the recall.
Many of us are upset about the Fisher-Price recall, which has affected over 11 million toys and high chairs, and the General Manager of Fisher-Price, Kevin Curran, just released a statement.

He shares that the company will be providing safety replacements and fixes for the four types of products in the recall. He also is stressing how their products are safe and they operate in a highly regulated industry with many stages of testing during development and production. In addition, Mattel/Fisher-Price does monitor what parents have to say after the product is in use. This is what prompted this massive recall.


"Our product engineers have many years of experience in designing safe toys. In addition, we monitor parents' safety-related reports over time. If we see an issue with a product at any point, even after many have been sold and used safely, we take appropriate action.

"Our actions reflect our continuing commitment to the safety of our products. Hundreds of millions of our products are used safely every day and we believe these simple fixes will continue that excellent record."

Recalls are an unfortunate reality and I'm happy that Curran has spoken out so quickly.

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