Day Care Update: We Survived the First Month

Kavya plays at daycare
Kavya is learning how to enjoy playtime on her own.

It's been a month since Kavya started day care, and she's adjusted surprisingly well. In the beginning, she was so busy sizing up everyone and everything about the place, she wouldn't so much as crack a smile.

The difference now is shocking.


She's plays favorites a bit, lavishing snuggles and giggles on Ms. Sarah and having laugh-out-loud moments with Eduardo, her favorite teacher's helper, but she's comfortable with everyone now.

And she loves the freedom she gets at day care, where she's got a wide-open play space and a walker that she putters about in. It's great, given the fact that we live in a small apartment where she'd never get to do that. The solo play time is great -- even at home, she can spend a good chunk of time exploring her toys and books without needing coddling, whereas before she wouldn't want to spend a second on her own.

But I think the best thing about it is Kavya's interaction with other kids, both a bit older and a bit younger. She's picking up social skills she wouldn't really be able to get at home or at the park or maybe anywhere else.

And despite the colds and other little dramas, it's also worked wonders for her mama. For the first time in months, I'm starting to feel like myself again. Working from home rocks, don't get me wrong, but between work and baby, I was essentially isolating myself from my world. These days, I may have more on my plate with work and grad school and Kavi and well, life, but I'm feeling more challenged, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Balancing the rest of it makes the family time we get to spend together that much more enjoyable -- and, in a way, focused. We know we've got less time together every day, so we make sure to make those moments count more. Mealtime, playtime, the snuggles -- it's that much more meaningful.

How long did it take your little one to adjust to day care?

Image via Navdeep Singh Dhillon

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