Most Embarrassing Breastfeeding Bloopers

Sometimes there are nipple slips that happen when you're breastfeeding. Aside from the endless benefits of nursing, there also comes some serious risks. Well, risks to your ego.

No matter how careful you are, there still can be a blooper or something incredibly embarrassing. Years ago, while I was trying to chat with my neighbor, I noticed he was abrupt and just nodded, mumbled, and went on his way. I figured he was just in a hurry or maybe I had something stuck in my teeth. I realized why he'd avoided looking at me -- my shirt was still unbuttoned halfway down and my nursing bra was not hooked.

Um. Oops?

I asked some of my breastfeeding friends what embarrassing things had happened to them while nursing, and I was rolling in laughter at their expense. Sorry!

  • "When my son was about 1, I was at an all-day conference for work. I decided to skip my last pumping break of the day since there was only an hour left -- BIG mistake. I walked into my workshop room and everyone stared at me while pretending not to look. I glanced down and BOTH sides had sprung a massive leak and the front of my shirt had big wet circles on it."
  • "I was carrying my daughter at the zoo yesterday and she pulled my boob right out of my shirt and said, 'I need more milk!' No one was around to see, thankfully."
  • "I took a trip away from the kids when my son was about 6 months old, and about 10 hours after his last feeding, my breasts were so rock hard I had to go into an airport bathroom to hand express some milk. I was trying to squirt into some toilet paper, but ended up spraying the walls instead. I was afraid I'd 'christened' the person in the next stall. Then I got the giggles and couldn't stop. Luckily I was wearing a patterned dress, so the wet stains didn't show."
  • "I walked across the room of a christening party with a boob hanging out. I was very distracted. There were about 50 people there! Oh, the shame!"
  • "My baby decided to nurse as I was trying to leave the house. She unlatched and I walked out the door. My neighbor drove by and was waving nicely, I waved back. A minute later when I realized I was feeling a breeze in areas that I don't normally experience that I saw that I was still hanging out. She didn't wave after that."
  • "My newborn and I both fell asleep while nursing. In the living room. In front of my in-laws. My boob was out for about a half hour 'til I woke up."
  • "I got out of my van after nursing and totally didn't realize I hadn't pulled my shirt down until several steps toward the store."

What embarrassing breastfeeding mishaps have you experienced (or witnessed)?


Image via WhatDaveSees/Flickr

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