'Teen Mom' Recap: Violent Amber Forces Gary to Leave

MTV's Teen Mom
On MTV's Teen Mom, Gary's had enough. He's leaving Amber and taking Leah with him.

It's finally happened. It took two seasons, but on this week's episode of the MTV hit Teen Mom, baby daddy Gary finally packs up his stuff -- and his daughter Leah -- and leaves Amber's mean ass.

Hallelujah! It's about time. But I have to say, Gary, took you long enough.


Amber's been violent with Gary plenty of times, and it's never right. But Gary finally decides to get little Leah out of that sty of a house, because Amber won't even bother to put the new sheets Gary's mom brought in the baby's crib. That's right, Leah's sleeping sans sheets in a crib stuffed with plush toys and other random junk. Then there's the continued shrieking, the verbal abuse, and of course all that smacking and punching and the attempt at kicking Gary down the stairs. On the MTV post-show breakdown, Amber admits that she's very ashamed of herself and that she needs to get help. But then, in the same interview, she starts berating and humiliating him again.

I have to give MTV credit. Rarely do we see such real examples of female-on-male violence, and Gary and Amber's situation truly highlights how painful it can be. And I have to say, I really hope Gary manages to stick to his decision to get baby Leah out of that situation. I know he'd like to keep his little family in tact, but some things are beyond saving.

Maci, who's moved baby Bentley two hours away from Chattanooga to Nashville, is waiting on deadbeat daddy Ryan to get in touch so he can see his son. But it looks she might be waiting forever, because Ryan just isn't calling. So Maci sucks it up, like a big girl, and takes Bentley to Chattanooga to see his father. It's truly a graceful move on her part, because relations between the estranged parents could so easily go sour here. But she and Ryan sit down and hash out a viable custody agreement they can take to mediation, so they avoid going to court over Bentley. In the end, it all works out. For now, anyway. I hate to think about what will happen once Bentley's old enough to go to school and have friends and get tired of being shuttled around by his parents.

Catelynn and Tyler are so psyched to graduate, they've already made an appointment at the local community college to check out their future options. Catelynn is very decisive -- she wants to go to school to become an ultrasound tech. Tyler's a bit less focused. He says he'd like to become an EMT, but he also wants to be a psychologist. Turns out all those plans will have to wait, though. Because of the chaos that came with the pregnancy back in 9th grade, neither Catelynn nor Tyler has enough credits to graduate with their class. It's a harsh blow, but the positive pair won't let it set them back. It might take them a bit longer, but they aim to reach their goals.

Farrah, too, is moving forward, as difficult as it may be. She gets in touch with baby Sophia's father's sister again to try to get a paternity test done so that they can establish Sophia's right to government benefits. This time, though, the sister, Kassy, comes through -- and meets her niece for the very first time. It's a bittersweet moment. Kassy's got a daughter, too, and it's the first time these cousins have ever met. It makes me hope that they will get to know each other, as difficult as it may be for the adults in the situation. And it's especially hard on Farrah. She realizes she lost something big with Derrick's death, and it seems like she's just now starting the mourning process. But at least she seems like she's dealing with it, and one day, when Sophia asks about her daddy, she'll be able to have that conversation without stumbling. It's the grown-up thing to do.

Do you think Gary and Leah are out of that violent situation for good? Or will Amber manage to suck them right back in?

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