Would You Buy Octomom's Used Nursing Bra?

Nadya Suleman, better known as "Octomom," has eight children and therefore has more baby gear than most of us who stumble over Exersaucers, Bjorns, slings, and high chairs can even imagine.

She is also having major money problems.

Put those issues together and voila! The perfect time to hold a yard sale. And that is just what Octomom did this past weekend. With the help of Tattoo, a radio personality who has a morning Internet show for Rick Dees called "Tattoo and Crew," Suleman sold all kinds of things to try to make her balloon mortgage payment of $450K.

Maybe this will keep her out of porn?


Here are some items:

  • Octo-Fridge: $85
  • Eight Little Devil costumes: $50
  • Kobe Bryant jersey signed by Suleman: $125

It's going to take her a long time to get to $450K with those numbers. Is anyone else horribly depressed by the idea of a single mom of 14 children selling her used underwear to try to make a mortgage payment?

We can bash her all we want. And we do. But there are still 14 kids who have only one parent and their mother is obviously beyond desperate.

Honestly, I would consider buying something from her just to help those kids at this point. Under normal circumstances, I kind of want to puke every time a mom on my listserv posts her used maternity underwear and nursing bras. Seriously, I know it's green to recycle and wear used clothing, but we have to draw the line somewhere.

I really don't want anybody else's body fluids -- even after washing -- anywhere near my body.

Still, I might make an exception for this. Buy the bra and toss it. After all, those kids need to eat.

Would you go to Octomom's yard sale?


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