What Was Your Baby's First Word?

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Kavi's only 7 months old, so I know it's a little early to expect her to start talking. But I swear, it seems like that first word will come any second now. In fact, I've been thinking of taking bets on what it will actually be.

Given that both my husband and I are very verbal, and early talkers, too, it seems like she'll start talking any second.


Kavi already makes lots of word-like sounds, amongst them "mama" -- which she tends to use exclusively when she's upset -- and something that comes off as a garbled hello.

And we're always talking to her, so she gets lots of verbal stimulation. But here's the thing: Maybe it's too much. See, my husband and I both speak English, but we're also trying to make a concerted effort to teach her Punjabi (which my husband is fluent in) and Hindi (which my family speaks). Then there's Spanish, which is all around her locally and especially at day care. So she gets a grand amalgamate of languages thrown at her daily.

It will be fascinating to see what it ends up being. Baby's first words are so fun -- and frequently telling. My baby brother's first was "hot," because my mom would drink endless cups of tea all day -- this was before all the caffeine angst -- and warn him off of touching the cup. Mine was "pele," which in Hindi means to drink, because I would try to feed my bottle to my little doll all the time. And my younger sister Meena's was "Na" -- because I was the center of her little world, and she couldn't quite pronounce "Sona."

In any case, Kavi seems like she's set to be quite the chatterbox, just like her mama. She babbles and giggles and chatters plenty. And everyone has a different opinion of what she'll officially say first. I'm betting on "Hi!" She's always hearing it and she can easily echo the soft H sound. Plus, she already gets the concept of waving, so it may be an easy affiliation to make.

Meena Massi, of course, thinks that Kavi's first word will be "Massi" or some variation thereof. The word means mother's sister, or mother-like in Hindi, so it's a charming, cuddly first word for a kid. And Kavi's papa, naturally, thinks "papa" would be perfectly appropriate. In the end, as fun as it will be, I guess it doesn't really matter all that much. After all, knowing Kavi, once she actually does start talking, there will be no stopping her.

When did your little one start talking -- and what was your baby's first word?


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