Is Gisele Bashing Single Moms?


gisele bundchen single moms

Gisele Bundchen needs to stop giving interviews. The supermodel and wife of a quarterback has done it again with a quote on why her life is perfect, and yours is not:

"My son is so beautiful, I love him so much. But before you have children, you have got to make sure you've got a great man. You can't settle for less ... someone you love, and someone who has the same beliefs."

I know Sasha agrees with Gisele, in one sense, and I too am forever grateful to have the man I chose to procreate with in my life. But that doesn't mean I don't know plenty of single mamas who are way better off without a man, or simply are made of stronger stuff than I -- and their children are not suffering because they "settled for less."

So Gisele, I disagree on behalf of single moms, or dads, everywhere. Or two moms, or two dads. Whoever does not have your exemplary life. On their behalf, and my own, I would like to ask that you please, please, please --

Just. Shut. It.

Of course even if Gisele stopped blabbing about what she thinks everyone should be doing, the damage is still done: Gisele has offended way too many people to count. But let's count anyway --

  1. Pregnant women
  2. Women who have a tough time with childbirth
  3. Women who can't breastfeed
  4. Women who aren't her
  5. Bridget Moynahan

Does Gisele offend you?


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sstepph sstepph

Ahh, I ignore celebrity comments.

penny... pennycandy

who is she and why do i care what she has to say????

nonmember avatar Mia

Thank you! Finally, someone has the guts to speak up about this Amazonian nightmare of a supermodel, who just happens to believe that she and her life are perfect. Apparently, the rest of us sorry excuses for human beings should just sit around and await her words of wisdom. What a waste she is. I still can't believe the football player gave up the stunning actress Bridget Moynahan. She seems to have more class in her littlest finger than this woman has in her gigantic body. Plus, Bridget doesn't use her son as a publicity prop the way Bundchen does.

CoolR... CoolRelax

The nerve of her, to suggest that babies deserve to be loved and raised by two people who love each other and share beliefs!  

Are we serious? She's not supposed to talk about the benefits of a two parent home because she doesn't include gay parents (maybe because she's talking about herself and she's not a gay parent) and she doesn't promote single parents?

I'm not even traditional and this strikes me as a load of crap. I spent too long in the school system with kids who suffered from not having 2 parents in the home to say it's just as good as having 2 involvolved parents no matter if they're gay or straight. 

nonmember avatar purplebug20

honestly its called morals and Im glad she seems to be someone famous in thw world who still has them!! I actually look up to her more now because she has views and morals and I follow the same beliefs. I dont believe in premarital sex./

nonmember avatar Heather

She is encouraging a positive foundation for a family, not bashing single moms. Stop digging for a story that isn't there.

nonmember avatar Not a fan

Ms. Bundchen strikes me as a petty mean girl who cannot make a statement without bashing people who think differently than she does. Strikes me as shallow, spoiled, and most assuredly competetive of any other woman within her range. In my experience, only people with little meaningful life experience can be this narrow and certain of their own superiority. Do something good with your life, do something that puts it all on the line, go through something difficult and triumph, do something completely for someone else--then tell me what you think. Maybe I'll care. In the meantime, stick to men who are wowed by your body. Tom Brady will see the light, this will not last.

nonmember avatar Isabella

Thank goodness this model has spoken what so many of us have tried to say before. Maybe, to you, the women are better off but are the kids? What about these women? Since they were obviously couldn't keep their legs closed, couldn't use birth control, didn't tell their partners to use birth control, and, based upon your own artcile, were in abusive relationships, should they be allowed to keep their children? Obviously, they can't make correct life judgements so why should the children suffer having a parent like that?

Mary Glynn

give me a break. What she is saying Wait before you have a baby wait until you have a wonderful man before you have a baby.

get married.

what so bad about that.

I not married never been and in 60's

Mary Glynn

sure we need more MOMs like Bristol Palin .. Give me a break people all she was saying how happy she is. look at what she said.

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