5 DIY Halloween Baby Costumes Straight From Your Closet

Baby Football PlayerI always took my babies trick or treating for Halloween. Even though the concept of going door to door was lost on them, there were always friends with older kids that we would tag along with and, um, CANDY!

Pricey Halloween costumes and buntings are tempting, but not very practical since your baby will only wear it for one day. That's why some of the best baby and infant Halloween costumes are the ones you can make yourself -- from clothes you already have. Read on for 5 easy do-it-yourself Halloween costumes and save your money for the good candy.


Sporty Sport: Are you into football, baseball, or soccer? Dress your baby in your favorite team's jersey and a pair of solid-colored sweat pants or leggings. Throw on a baseball hat, add a bit of black makeup under the eyes for your quarterback, or pull up some knee socks for the soccer forward and you've got a complete look.

Your Little Animal: A hooded sweatshirt can be used to make a quick and easy animal costume. You can make pig, cat, or dog ears out of fabric and sew them onto the hood. For those of us not-so-crafty moms, you can always take construction paper and glue ears onto a headband.

cat costume
Pumpkin: Pick up some black fabric paint at your local Costco or Target along with an orange t-shirt. All you have to do is paint a face on the tee and you're ready to go!
pumpkin halloween costume baby
Princess: That beautiful dress that was too big last summer? It makes a lovely princess costume this fall. You could add a cardboard crown or a ribbon wand to dress it up some more.
princess costume
Cowboy: A flannel shirt and a pair of jeans can dress up your little wrangler. Do you have any horse toys or stuffed animals at home? Take them along for the ride.
cowboys costume
Will you take your baby trick or treating? Do you have a baby costume in mind for Halloween?


*Costumes in photo are different than those described, but can be used as great inspiration to make your own.

Image via mcclave/Flickr, JayGirlsMom/CafeMom, kjaurez/CafeMom, Cafe Cynthia/CafeMom, kassifur22/CafeMom

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