Formula Recall Brings Out the Mean in Breastfeeders

baby bottleThe Similac recall has justifiably riled the emotions of mothers around the country who are furious that a company would allow the nourishment they provide their babies to be tainted in such a disturbing, harmful way.

But what's also disturbing and harmful is how some breastfeeding advocates are taking this moment to give a big "I TOLD YOU SO" to mothers who for one reason or another feed their babies formula.

Some of the comments that came after we published the first article about the recall yesterday were sanctimonious ... at best.

Comments like:


"This is why breast is best." 


"Luckily my breast milk isn't going to be recalled any time soon so I'll keep using that!"


"I love breastfeeding my son. It's so healthy and safe and oh yeah, my boobs won't get recalled. Hahahahahahahahaha"

Sadly, there are plenty more.

Is that really necessary when women are terrified about a product they may have given their baby that's making them sick? Do women really have nothing better to do than mock the choices of other mothers?

If you want to advocate and educate women about the many virtues of breast milk over formula, that's a noble goal ... IF you go about it in the right manner.

But rubbing in your choice in the midst of a crisis just gives more credence to all the stereotypes about the wacky, militant breastfeeding mafia. Therefore, you're really setting breastfeeding back rather than helping to promote it.

No one should have to justify why she chooses to formula feed her child to anyone except herself.

Any shame when it comes to formula feeding should be placed on those who take opportunities like this to flaunt their smug superiority and make light of a very serious situation.

Are you offended by women using this as an "I told you so" moment?


Image via nerissa's ring/Flickr

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