Similac Formula Recall: New Details & Advice

similac recallWith Similac formula being recalled because beetles or their larvae have been found in the powder, frantic parents have overloaded the phones at the call centers and bombarded the website.

Can't get in? They're increasing the bandwidth of the site, but until then, The Stir has some much needed information for parents who are Similac users.


According to comments here on the site from a Similac representative and from the FDA, the government regulators overseeing the recall:

1. Liquid formula is NOT being recalled.

2. ALL powder in rectangular, plastic tubs is part of the recall -- regardless of the lot number on the tub (but you can get a list of those here).

3. If your formula is on the recall list, don't chance it. You should stop using it immediately.

4. Similac Expert CareTM Alimentum®, Elecare®, Similac Expert CareTM Neosure®, Similac® Human Milk Fortifier, and metabolic formulas for inherited disorders are NOT being recalled and are considered safe to use.

5. The FDA has determined the formula containing these beetles "poses no immediate health risk," but if your child experiences gastrointestinal discomfort and refusal to eat for more than a day or two, they suggest you contact your physician.

UPDATE: Because of the high volume of calls, Abbott/Similac added another number to help you with questions/return information -- 888-376-2054 -- call anytime, 24/7.

If your child is on Similac, what are you doing to help bridge the gap?

Image via Similac

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