Similac Recall: What Lot Numbers Are Recalled?


Earlier tonight Similac announced that they are recalling many different types of their formula.

Since then, Similac's website has been unavailable due to the increased traffic, and their call center has been experiencing extreme delays.

You should continue to try to reach these official sources, but in the meantime, we're compiling as much accurate information about the recall that we can find for you.

Read on for more details ...

What ISN'T recalled: Liquid formula (ready-to-eat) is NOT recalled. "Specialty" formulas (Alimentum, Elecare, Neosure, Human Milk Fortifier) are also NOT recalled.

What IS recalled: All (or nearly all) formulas with a "T2" in the lot number. Some formulas with a "RB" in the code are recalled, but not all. UPDATE: A Similac representative replied to this post and has let us know that all Similac formula in the rectangular plastic tub (top picture, above) is recalled. For cans, you will need to keep trying their website to see if your lot number is included in the recall.

How to find your lot number: Whether you have a plastic container or a metal can, the lot number is printed on the bottom. It's an 8- to 10-digit set of numbers and letters.

What to do now: If you have a recalled formula, you should not use it anymore. You will need to buy new formula for your baby. If you're unsure whether your formula is recalled, it's better to be safe than sorry -- get new formula and use that until you're certain.

Once Similac's website and call center are back online, you can contact them about getting a refund and returning the product.

Please post in the replies if you have more information or corrections.

UPDATE: Because of the high volume of calls, Abbott/Similac added another number to help you with questions/return information -- 888-376-2054 -- call anytime, 24/7.

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nonmember avatar Jess

86716T20 (Similac Sensitive for Fussiness and Gas), 90403T20 (Similac Sensitive for Spit Up)

Miche... MichelleK41

HTH's some more, its the FDA site and you can punch in your lot number off the can to see if its a bad one:

OrcaQ... OrcaQueen

great I have a T2

mnt_2... mnt_2_b_mommy

so glad elecare isn't affected since it costs $150/week and can't be replaced same day!!

Delta Serl

I have one that has a T2 and one that has a R but the site is not up and running. I didn't buy these products and have not used them yet since I have not had my baby yet, but I got them free in the mail about a month ago. Not sure if it was just the Dr office I see had them sent to me.

Miles... MilesMom88

All 4 cans I have left from when my son was on formula in July are "RB". There is no telling what he has already consumed! As long as there are no serious health issues involved then I couldn't care less if I got my money back or's just a lesson learned. With baby #2 I will try my best to BF the entire first year.

nonmember avatar Rose

I spoke with someone from abbott a few minutes ago. My lot number is 77169T2 and has been recalled. I am so upset. I started this can a couple of days ago, and I could not figure out why my baby has been fussy and has had diarrhea. And before you breast feeding hater moms have anything to say, I can not breast feed my baby, so if she doesn't get her formula, she starves. All T2 cans are recalled from what I gathered. Get something different. I can say for sure that I will never buy similac again. In fact my ped Md says if she has diarrhea again to bring her to the ER.

Jeni McNally

My grandson is 2 weeks old. He was put on similac 8 days ago. Doctor changed him to Enfamil yesterday. He has been screaming in pain for four days now. She thought it was acid reflux come to find out tonight the similac he was using is one that is being recalled.

Krystle Roth

CRAZY! My son is 6 months old and 3 weeks ago I gave him a 6 oz bottle of simlac sensitive and he ate it right before bed...well at 2 am he was shrieking, so i went in and found vomit all over him and he had the dry heaves for a while after. Similac was excellent though, and took the lot # and reimbursed us with a check in the mail a couple weeks later. I bought it at cosco, and they took back the bottle opened and all with no questions :) I WISH i had written down that lot #, I am sure it was affected with the way he reacted.

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