Your Birth Story Is Scaring People

Mom and BabyI have seen a lot of babies. Adorable babies! But I have this theory: I don't believe anyone thinks your baby is as beautiful as you do -- I'm just not sure it's possible! I'm beginning to feel the same way about birth stories

The birth stories I read on blogs, on baby websites, and even the ones I receive via email seem to be getting more and more personal. As in too-much-information kind of personal.

It's your story. You should absolutely write it down, but please don't email it to me and be offended when I say I don't really want to read all the gory details about your placenta.  


Recently I read a birth story that included details about the mom throwing up her breakfast in between contractions, pooping (I know it happens, but ewwww), and what was on television while the mom waited for the epidural to kick in. I remember reading another birth story where the mother recorded a few choice words she had for the dad during a clearly painful moment that I'm sure she didn't really mean. I wonder how dad is going to feel about that in five years?

What I want to read in a birth story is how long the labor lasts or what kind of pain management people use. Did you do the epidural? Did you wait or give in right away? What kind of nurse or midwife did you have? (I had a nurse called "The Enforcer." The baby still wouldn't come out.) I love to read about sweet things that your partner may have said to you or if your mom was there. 

What's most interesting to me is reading about how you felt afterwards. Were you moved to tears? How about that moment when you and your baby locked eyes for the first time? That's the good stuff. That's what you will want to remember when your baby isn't a baby anymore. Not that you were watching American Idol

Do you agree? Do you want to read all the dirty details of a birth story? Did you share yours with your friends and family?


Image via AndrewEick/Flickr

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