'Teen Mom' Recap: Amber Needs to Take a Chill Pill

MTV's Teen Mom
On Teen Mom, Maci and Bentley make the big move to Nashville.

Lots more mama drama on Teen Mom this week. After all the ballyhoo, Maci quietly packs up her stuff and makes the trip to Nashville, with baby Bentley in tow. 

Meanwhile, it does seem that Amber and Gary are over for good this time. And all I can say is hallelujah!


Maci sort of got her parents' blessing to move, but when she broke the news to baby daddy Ryan, he didn't take it well. "I don't give a damn," she tells him when he accuses her of being selfish. Then she essentially tells him that he'll see his kid whenever she says he can have him. Ouch. Looks like a court battle is in Bentley's future.

I like Maci, I do. She's definitely the most level-headed out of this bunch of teen moms. But I still feel like she's not making a great move taking little Bentley away from all the family he's ever known for Kyle, who still doesn't seem to have made any serious commitments to Maci or her kid, really.

You gotta hand it to Tyler and Catelynn. Given the role models they have in Tyler's dad and Catelynn's mom, they turned out remarkably well. They both seem to have their heads on straight, and giving baby Carly up for adoption was clearly the best decision they could have made for that little girl. And the thing is, they know it. They're not dwelling or mopey. They understand their situation and they're proud of what they've done for their child. But Catelynn's still stuck in a rough situation with her mom, who takes out her frustrations about Butch's incarceration on her. And idiot Butch keeps repeatedly violating his parole by calling his wife, despite the no contact order. Then he wonders why he's still in jail. Too bad they don't have the $1,500 to hire a lawyer to get them out of this mess. But if he'd just stop calling the house, maybe he'd stop getting his sentence extended.

Hot mess Farrah is stepping up and getting her act together. She's broke, a student, and a mama, so she's working overtime and taking the break her parents are giving her on their rental home -- plus, free babysitting!

She's also looking into social security benefits for baby Sophia, since the little one's dad died before she was born. But that presents the problem of paternity -- there's no proof. So Farrah sucks it up and reaches out to her baby daddy Derrick's family, admittedly not her favorite people. She asks the father's sister to take a DNA test to prove paternity for baby Sophia. Sounds good in theory, but then the sister bails on her. Not a shocker, but for Farrah, it's a potent blow. She also regresses to her whiny ways, but in the end she knows she's just gotta keep on it and make things work for Sophia. Maybe she's not all grown up just yet, but Farrah's finally taking responsibility and definitely making strides in the right direction.

Gary, meanwhile, is homeless since he and Amber split. He's crashing with Amber, and she's pulling her usual bitchy hysterics, shrieking at him for every little thing. But when Gary tries to call her on any of her bullshit, she turns it around on him. Case in point: she left a knife lying around where baby Leah could just pick it up and do God knows what. So what does she say when Gary points it out? "You just left it there?" No, beyatch, you just left it there.

Gary's had enough of this, though, so he escapes the house -- and takes Leah with him. He's looking for a place for himself and his daughter, and hopefully he finds it soon. Whatever happens, I hope he actively pursues custody of that little girl. Amber's antics -- the shrieking, the self-pity, the anger issues, the tendency towards violence (which we'll see again next week, according to the previews) -- make her an unstable parent for poor Leah. Gary needs to get his daughter out of that situation, even if it means pulling apart their little family.

Do you think Gary should get custody of Leah? What do you think of the fact that Maci moved Bentley to Nashville?


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