You're a Know-It-All Mom, Admit It & More Baby News

parenting style

We really don't talk enough about the soft spot, do we? Everything you need to know about that and fancy strollers this week in links I'm lovin'.

  • Now that you have a baby, why not stereotype your parenting style? Let's Panic has a chart so you can sort it out then live each day as "Hysterical," "Reluctant," or "Know-It-All!" -- Let's Panic!
  • I love a good stroller-off! Hollybaby has opened the voting in what looks like a serious competition between Kourtney Kardashian and her Bugaboo, Salma Hayek and a Maclaren, Bethenny Frankel's Quinny, and Gwen Stefani pushing your basic umbrella. Vote now! -- Hollybaby
  • Awww, cuteness. Everything you wanted to know about your baby's fontanel is explained by The Faster Times. Okay, seeing baby skulls is a little creepy, and sometimes the descriptions make me squeamish. But there is just something inherently sweet about your newborn's soft spot. Learn all about it. -- The Faster Times


Image via Mandy Arroyo/CafeMom

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