Trapped Chilean Miner Can’t Escape Third Child’s Birth

mine shaftMy heart was warmed when I heard a baby had been born to one of the 33 Chilean miners trapped thousands of feet below the earth’s surface. Stuck underground since August 5, with food and supplies dropped through holes and all communication via video, these guys’ spirits were flagging.

Then I heard the guy had two kids already, and had missed both of their births -- the first time to watch a soccer game, the second time because he was “squeamish.”



Elizabeth Segovia, the wife of Ariel Ticona, wasn’t about to let him miss this third kid’s birth. She wanted to videotape the blessed event so he could -- finally! -- experience it with her. The hospital’s policy wouldn’t allow her to film a vaginal birth. So she opted for a c-section -- just so she could preserve the experience on film.

What an insane choice to have to make. Was it also “squeamishness” that prevented the hospital from letting her give birth on film? Whatever the reason, the result was pure joy: the little girl was born healthy, and Ticona suggested that instead of naming her Carolina, they name her Esperanza -- “Hope” in Spanish. The other miners rejoiced along with the happy couple, enjoying the ray of light in the middle of their dark and dank ordeal.

I feel for everyone -- the little girl born into so much uncertainty, the mom who had to stay strong despite her worry over her husband, and of course the dad, biding his time in his substrata prison.

But dude! It seriously took being buried alive for you to want to be there for your baby’s birth?

Was your partner reluctant to attend your baby’s birth? Do you know a guy like this? Tell us in the comments!

Image via kevindooley/Flickr

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