Would You Rather Eat Breast Milk Cheese or Ice Cream?

breastmilk cheeseSome people donate their excess breast milk to food banks. Some freeze it for later consumption. Some dump the extra. And some make cheese.

Or yogurt. Or ice cream.

Chef Daniel Angerer received international attention after creating a breast milk cheese.

According to Daniel, his wife and their business partner, rather than dumping all their excess breast milk, they decided to turn to a centuries old method of dairy preservation: cheese.


Daniel is the owner of Klee in NYC. Though it doesn’t officially offer the cheese on the menu (I suspect the FDA would have something to say), he will prepare a bite-sized appetizer for those customers who request it. His preference is for a canapé made with figs and Hungarian pepper. But, don’t worry, he has no plans to put it on the menu because, get this, it weirds him out.

And he’s not alone! A chef in Switzerland, Hans Locher (who happens to own a very high-end joint), says, "We have all been raised on it. Why should we not include it into our diet?" He says he first experimented with breast milk when his daughter was born, but has found that it needs to be mixed with whipped cream to maintain the proper consistency for his dishes. His plans were soon shut down by the Zurich food control office, stating that while humans are not on the banned list of ingredients (other primates are), they also aren’t on the approved list. (Incidentally, I am more grossed out by how much Locher was going to pay for the milk: just 3 pounds for 14 ounces!)

Should you get a craving for something a little sweeter, why not try some ice cream? Mother’s Milk Ice Cream believes their sweet treat can “challenge the traditional paradigm that there is nothing abnormal about conversion of mammalian milk into luxury food items.”

Ready to start moving the baby on up to solid foods, but don’t want to give up breastfeeding? Never fear! You can also make yogurt from your breast milk.

Would you make or eat food made with breast milk?


Image via Alla G/Flickr

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