Relax Breastfeeders, It's Just a Onesie

formula-powered onesieA $5 onesie from Old Navy has unleashed the wrath of some mothers.

It doesn't contain violent pictures or profanity ... unless you consider "formula" to be a dirty word, which many clearly do.

It features the words "Formula Powered" along with a picture of a bottle with wings on it.

And those, for some, are fighting words.

From women threatening to boycott Old Navy for all eternity  to those who claim it looks like something a superhero should wear, so therefore the message is formula creates superheroes, hardcore lactivists are mad.

To them I say: Relax.


Do they really think a onesie is going to convince anyone to choose formula over breastfeeding? Especially when "Breast Is Best" is plastered nearly everywhere in the universe these days -- even on cans of formula.

I support breastfeeding, and I breastfed my own babies as long as I could, but if someone else wants to formula feed their infant, fine. And if they want to deck their children out in a shirt announcing it to the world, so be it.

Why Old Navy chose to produce such a controversial onesie, however, is an interesting question, and I wonder if they really considered the ramifications.  

I don't think Old Navy cares at all what our children eat, they just want to sell clothes. So did they do it purposefully to spark debate? Or did someone, somewhere just think it was a clever slogan?

I'd be very interested to hear the back story on it.

In the end, it doesn't really matter though.

If it offends you, get a grip ... on your own baby. Pull him or her to your breast and nurse away -- anywhere you like, for as many years as you like.

What do you think of this formula-powered onesie?

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