50 Amazing Naptime Accomplishments You Must Attempt

50 amazing naptime accomplishments
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Sure it's a good idea to nap when your baby naps. Or maybe you've been jonesing for a shower, or to brush your teeth. But if you really want to have a grand old time during naptime, you'll pick one of these things on my 50 amazing naptime accomplishments list.

Bonus -- you'll have an answer when those annoying people ask you what you do all day.


1. Crack open War and Peace even though you really never wanted to read it in the first place.

2. See how many Law & Order reruns you can watch in a week.

3. Start a multimillion-dollar business.

4. Breed Shih Tzus.

5. Create gourmet masterpieces.

6. Have your partner come home for "lunch."

7. Dye your hair pink.

8. Polish the silver.

9. Write an acceptance speech.

10. Organize photos from "best hair day" to "worst hair day."

11. Figure out how you could live like the Amish.

12. Start a blog about everyone you hate.

13. Create the best audition tape for Survivor -- EVER.

14. Train for the Iron Man.

15. Comment on every single post on The Stir.

16. Mosaic your dining room table with the faces of your family members.

17. Tye dye your underwear.

18. Break out the baby book and write insane "memories" to make your future grown-up child laugh.

19. Investigate this "Tea Party" thing everyone is talking about.

20. Spy on your neighbors.

21. Commit to every last Oprah episode.

22. Teach yourself poker and plan your Vegas takeover.

23. Create a phony Facebook account just to see how many people will friend you.

24. Write that novel you've been talking about that no one ever thinks you'll do.

25. Start an herb garden, then start selling them at your local farmers' market as "local" and "organic."

26. Teach yourself woodworking and whittle some non-toxic toys for baby (see above farmers' market suggestion for any extras).

27. Review every book you've read on Amazon.

28. Calculate the odds of you winning the lottery.

29. Reupholster your living room furniture every three months.

30. Plan a lavish vacation and calculate how many lattes you could give up to pay for it.

31. Learn Esperanto.

32. Braid your dog's hair.

33. Start a letter writing campaign in favor of "peace" -- send to everyone you know.

34. Enter every local radio contest you can.

35. Learn 10 different ways to make mac and cheese.

36. Re-learn how to do the splits.

37. Become a fanatic about Kegels.

38. Research what your life would be like if you moved to Paris.

39. Learn how to serve high tea while perfecting your British accent.

40. Write a guidebook about your neighborhood.

41. Create self-portraits in every medium.

42. Enter and obsessively vote on Hot or Not.

43. Start your own religion.

44. Enjoy a Jersey Shore marathon.

45. Run for Mayor of Wasilla.

46. Try to set a world record.

47. Make meatballs, see how many days in a row you can eat meatballs.

48. Set up a lemonade stand in front of your house -- bring the monitor.

49. Start a band.

50. Call your mother.

Now, which of these things are you going to start doing during naptime?

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