Harry Potter Rules! & More Great Reader Comments

baby newsYet again you all had a lot to say this week while reading the baby news. Whether talking maternity leave or celebrity you all weighed in, and good.

What do you expect when we fill you in the latest from Octomom?

Read on for the best comments in Baby:


Sasha let us know that the Octomom is struggling and will most likely go on welfare. The cries of personal responsibility soon followed. Jill_W took on the single mom attackers. Bravo!

I find it interesting that several of you are being critical of single mothers, yet fail to mention the fathers.  Why are you not holding them equally accountable for their ‘poor choices'?  Many are appalled by abortion, and even fight to take away a woman's choice.  Yet once the baby arrives, it's a different story.  As nonmember so kindly puts it, "It is not our job to support others' poor judgment".  If you're going to fight to end abortion, you need to be prepared to deal with the issues that arrive with the birth of the baby.  Suleman clearly has some issues and her pregnancy was by choice, but let's not punish the children. 

Julie wrote about how women who don't take maternity leave -- or only take a few weeks -- are ruining it for everyone. While I agree, it's important to remember everyone has different needs, as ethans_momma06 says:

I agree that it really is such an important time. However if some women feel inclined to go back to work early, they shouldn't be punished for that just like the other side shouldn't be punished for using their leave to the full limit.

Our new mom confession this week came from a mom who was happy when maternity leave was over but pretended to be upset. Sasha gave her some great advice about deflecting judgment from others, and Katie P. made me laugh:

well I am an even worse mom then because I did not even pretend to be sad. LOL.

I set up my baby and my dog to see who was better at hitting those baby milestones. I'm printing MomIWant's comment because I so totally agree with the first part:

Judah dancing is ADORABLE!!!!!! I've only compared my dog to my kids when they were teens.  My dog won. :)

Sasha announces Winnie Cooper (aka Danica McKellar's) new baby boy, and his unfortuante name: Draco. JenniferDawyn showed us what she really thinks of Harry Potter . . . and Draco:

Did the name Draco exist before Harry Potter?  But by the same token, did life exist before Harry Potter?  The answer to the latter question, at least, is a resounding NO!

Amy Jo had a bummer of a mommy & me swim class. But squish had some great advice about getting babies to love water:

My mom really wanted me to do a baby and me class when she taught one, but I just felt that it wasn't worth it. My mom is a GREAT teacher, don't misunderstand. It's just that babies that small don't care. They don't understand. Plus you have to get wet, and then change your baby first while you are getting all cold, LOL.

Here's what my mom told me to do:

During bath time (or any other water play time), DO NOT sheild your baby from water in the face. Once your baby can sit up in the bath, it is time to start dumping the water on with some sort of cue, like "hold your breath!" then the water on the head. When they get older and are comfortable with water on their face and mouth, then you can start randomly pouring water on their head. This helps them to learn that everytime water is on their head, face, or mouth that they are to hold their breath. It actually creates a life-long reaction, and is the most basic start to swimming. And that is about it for babies.

Oh, and she is actually looking into becoming an Infant Swimming Resource Instructor. If you haven't seen that, check it out!! It is so worth the price!!


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