Day Care Gave My Baby a Cold

sick baby and sick mama
Our first cold of the season.
That was fast.
There was so much I worried about when Kavi started day care and one of those fears came to life -- we have a cold. That's right. It started with Kavi, and now I've got it, too. Lovely.

She's been in day care all of two weeks and from what I've heard, it's not very uncommon for little ones to bring home every little bug floating around their care centers. And with a New Jersey winter headed our way, I'm sure there will be a lot more sniffles coming. After all, her little immune system is still building itself up.


Unfortunately, it didn't pass so quickly for me. It seems like my immune system could use a bit of a boost as well. I've been blearing through the last few days, but my hectic schedule is taking its toll. I've been trying to manage work and grad school -- which I forgot might entail reading and writing actual papers to go along with the fiction "writing" part. It does. Each week, I've got to write a paper on two novels, plus read and comment on student work. And then have pages ready for submission, too. Then there's my work stuff. I know the lack of sleep isn't helping, either.

So yesterday, after getting some work done in the a.m., I dosed myself with cold meds and hopped into bed. And when Kavi came home from day care, needing a nap herself, I tucked us both into bed again for a long, cuddly slumber. We woke up at 8 p.m. feeling quite refreshed. All I can say is, thank God we're heading into the weekend.

I knew with grad school, work, and a baby, I was taking on a lot, even with Kavi in day care half-days. But there's nothing like a good cold to really put you in your place. Time to up the vitamin C, I guess.

What are your best cold-fighting and preventing tips -- for baby and mama?


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