Bugaboo 'Donkey' Domesticates Double Strollers

bugaboo donkeyI don't find anything sexy about double strollers. It's impossible to keep your cool when trying to fit into doorways. Forget about maneuvering it around a store with narrow aisles. But still, I have twins, and we must get around, so I have my double Maclaren that has served me very well and takes quite a beating yet still folds and unfolds as good as the first time we used it.

But now the Bugaboo, arguably the Cadillac of strollers, with Zac Posen flair and a taste level to rival Gail Simmons, has designed the Donkey. Perhaps the worst name for a stroller, but perhaps one of the best when it comes to a double. Here's why ....


The Donkey is convertible -- it can be a single stroller with a width of 23 inches or a 29-inch wide double (half an inch smaller than my Maclaren). The double wide can hold two kids or twins or one side can be cargo. As a mom of twins, I love this. Love this love this. In one stroller, I can go with the double wide for strolling or make it just 23 inches wide and wear one baby so I can actually fit into stores without having to buy another stroller. I also think all strollers should have one bar to push it instead of two handles. I need to multi-task and no matter how hard I try, I cannot push a two-handle double wide more than three feet without it veering in one direction.

The features are great -- decidedly more user-friendly and perhaps that's where the name Donkey comes in. It is a domesticated horse -- horse and carriage -- hence donkey stroller?

But ... this is Bugaboo we're talking about. It still may be cheaper for me to buy another stroller -- the price on the Donkey isn't yet known (I bet over $1000) and the stroller won't be available until Spring 2011. 

What do you think of the Bugaboo 'Donkey'?


Image via PR News wire

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