Will Ferrell Has Poop Issues

Will FerrellFunny man Will Ferrell has a funny little quirk -- he's squeamish about changing diapers and says he's won't do it.

"I refuse to do it," he told People. "I let my wife do it. I'm not so good with it."

His children -- all boys -- are 6 1/2, 3 1/2, and 7 months, so that's a lot of diapers that have been schlepped off over the years on his wife (or nannies?).

He sounds like an otherwise involved, great dad -- reading, doing baths, and the like. If it works for his family, great. It wouldn't work in mine AT ALL, but OK.

But what's really perplexing is how an actor who has brought us some of the grossest, albeit funniest, cinematic moments can be squeamish about a little poop?


He can dish out the gross -- like his naked, hairy ass and disgusting scenes in shows like Man vs. Wild -- but he can't seem to take it.

And hello, he ATE cat poop in Anchorman!  

Remember the scene?

Owner: That is cat poop.
Ron: I'm not eating cat poop.
Owner: That is cat poop!
Ron: I'm not eating cat poop!
Owner: You disgrace all of San Diego, you eat cat poop!
Ron: (sighs) If I take a bite, will you get me a big steak?
Owner: Yes.

And he does.

"It's cat sh%t! I'm eating cat sh%t! I deserve it!'"

It was funny, but I'd rather change a diaper any day than even pretend to eat cat poop!

Word is he's dying to do Anchorman 2, so he could do well to change a few diapers in preparation for any future poop eating. Paramount, however, hasn't given the green light.

Writer and director Adam McKay says it will happen, though.

"Eventually it will get done. I promise it will get done, either as a film or on stage."

Bring on the gross.

Would you be OK with your husband refusing to change diapers?

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